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Reflections on what brought John to the poetry altar.As the great Benjamin Zepeniah said "just do it without thinking of what will become of it ."

It's funny to think people who say they don't like poetry say this with a tone which is a sentence on those who dabble in the dark arts !

A moment of self doubt ? I don't think so .

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great podcast mate. You touched on some really interesting points. I mean there is a lot of poetry out there which is a bitch to read but there is also a lot of contemporary stuff which is accessible. I guess a lot of folks had bad experiences trying to understand shakesperian sonnets at school and got put off poetry. I don't know. Sometimes you don't have to understand the poem. You just have to enjoy the words and the sounds. Anyway cheers

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Thank you Marc. I hear this a lot. But what about song lyrics? I ask. We forget how much “poetry” is around us.

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