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As alwsys FFT (food for thought).

I'm always intrigued by the depiction of Christ ,so generally well suited to the canons of Western tastes .It begs the question who is the painter and for who was the image painted?

Undoubtedly these images were intended to communicate a message which could only be visual,which could stir the senses and provoke ,given that the masses were poorly educated .

So power to the artist and what a responsability walking this fine line between truthful representation and storytelling .

What an amazing notion to create these blessed sacred images which allow erotic fantasy into a much manipulated and limited world of religious bounderies .

Some excellent points John .How pointed those arrows that pierced the perfect body !

We flap like moths near a flame we know will destroy us .

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Thank you Jane! That’s well said! It’s a strange world sometimes.

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